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The best Italian products for your home.

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Linen Bedding

You deserve a good sleep, use a good quality, natural flax linen sheets.

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European Linen. Premium Kitchen towels.

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European Linen. Premium Bath towels.

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Throw Pillows

Support local women owned business and talented artisans in Ukraine.

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European Linen. Feel the comfort of your home.

Premium quality, eco-friendly, handcrafted linen goods designed in Chicago for every house.

Are you looking to shop for the best linen to your home or for a present? Let "It’s Oksana" be your source for all your natural and quality linen needs. Our online linen shop has what you are looking for. Whatever natural linen products you need, we can supply it with our online linen store. When it comes to shopping for premium linen online, look no further.


Premium and quality linen fabric and products are our specialty. We offer the best quality of European organic linen produced by artisans in the traditional manner. Natural flax linen at its finest available for your online shopping convenience. Remember, when you shop for linen, you are making a commitment to quality, luxury and tradition. For hundreds of years, the use of flax linen has been used for

  • clothing

  • bath (linen bath towels)

  • bedding (linen shams, pillowcases, sheets, duvets, bedding sets)

  • kitchen (towels, linen tablecloths, napkins, placemats Busatti)

  • sailcloth- many times are handed down as treasured family heirlooms.


Shopping online for premium linen couldn’t be easier. Search for the products, checkout the prices and then make an order. You may be starting your own family heirlooms that can be handed down generation to generation. The quality of linen is unparalleled. Luxury linen becomes softer and stronger with each washing. In fact, that’s why natural linen has been used for sailcloths of the explorers’ ships. The ships that crossed the seven seas and opened trade routes with the far east, Europe, the Americas, south seas. Water does not harm flax linen. It becomes stronger and more resilient.


Compare premium linen with cotton if you dare. Processing linen takes 75% less natural resources than cotton. Cotton will weaken with repeated washing and use. Premium linen will become stronger and softer. Yes, softer. Isn’t that what you want in your pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers and shams? There is no equal to true natural, ecological and premium flax linen.


In It’s Oksana natural linen fabric store, linen is imported from Europe: Belgium, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine. Countries where natural organic linen has been a traditional textile for bath, kitchen, bedding, clothing for centuries. Family heirlooms passed down become treasured items reflecting the traditions of the country and families for generations. When you go online to shop for the best linen, you can be assured that textiles made from eco-friendly flax linen will become something you will treasure and pass down in the family. Tradition, family, luxury, quality and ecology of course. You deserve the best and we can deliver the finest linen products and home decor available for you in It’s Oksana line online store. You can shop with confidence that whatever you buy, you will be satisfied with your purchases now and in the future.