Busatti Fior di Margherita towel design is made in Italy and the perfect ivory hue. The diamond design is inspired by the geometric designs often seen in medieval paintings. Made from linen and cotton, this towel is not only beautiful but durable and becomes softer and stronger with age. Premium quality proven over the years.


Color: Ivory

Size:  16.5"x28"

Fabric: 60% Linen 40% Cotton

Fabric Origin: Italy


Care: To preserve the brilliance of the color and the beauty of the fabric we suggest: - First washing at 40°C / 104°F, following washings even at 60°C / 140°F; - Do not use softeners and do not centrifugate; - Natural drying and not tumble dry; -For red colour fabrics first washing separately is advised. Linen/natural colour will tend to turn slightly lighter after some washings. Fabrics and products washed by the customer will not be refunded. Our fabrics are woven on antique Jacquard and Ratiére looms, this is why you might find some small irregularities on the weft which are impossible to avoid.

Busatti Guest Towel Fior di Margherita

Color: Ivory