Trouble Sleeping? Switch to Linen Sheets

Most of Europe is sleeping under linen sheets, but America hasn’t gotten the memo yet on how comfortable and soothing it is. Beyond just being smooth to the touch, linen is a very breathable material and always feels cool. Linen is “hygroscopic,” which means it can absorb and release moisture rapidly. It can suck up as much as 20% of its dry weight in water. If you wake up sweating at night, linen sheets might solve the problem.

When linen gets wet, it becomes stronger when it dries out. It used to be used for sailcloth because of this. It also softens every time you wash it. Unlike cotton sheets, linen won’t degrade after 3-5 years; its quality only increases, as well as staying colorfast.

Linen has rare bacteriological properties, allowing it to resist fungus and bacteria, so it provides protection against disease. Sleeping in and wearing linen helps reduce rashes and eczema among other skin diseases. It’s so effective that a Japanese study documented bed-ridden patients being resistant to bedsores when they used linen sheets. The fabric is also hypoallergenic, helps soothe inflammatory conditions, reduce fevers, and provides a healthy air exchange. There’s nothing linen isn’t capable of!

Fun fact, linen can even protect you against chemical exposure! It reduces solar gamma radiation by almost half, therefore shielding you from it. When linen fibers were retrieved from soil contaminated with radiation, it didn’t have any signs of degradation!

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