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Linen bedding. What exactly does that mean? Well, Linen is a textile that can be used to make pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers, and shams. Natural bedroom linens is more a generic term to indicate "bedding" meaning the sundry products used on your bed. That’s why department stores have incorrectly used "Linen Department" where sheets, pillow cases and other components for the bedroom are located. Remember, only true flax linen is really "Linen". That being said, the best linen bedding is made from true flax linen. More durable than cotton and unlike other materials and synthetics becomes stronger and softer with each laundering. Natural flax linen is truly organic, sustainable and eco-friendly.

When searching for quality bed linen to buy online you can be assured that natural linen bedding is superior. Long life, durable, sustainable, eco-friendly. If you are looking for bedroom "linens", organic flax linen is your best choice. Softer and stronger with each washing, you will get a luxury, restful sleeping experience. Our handcrafted linen bedding is made from the finest European organic linen from Belgium, Italy, Belarus and Ukraine where the manufacture and making of fine, quality bedding is a tradition. A tradition that goes back for centuries. Made by true artisans who treasure and revere the art of processing and using fine flax linen.

Luxury linen bedding you can shop online now at It’s Oksana premium linen store:

  • Pillowcases & Shams

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  • Linen Duvet Covers

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Guarantee the best sleeping and unforgivable touch to your body. A variety of colors and sizes available in It’s Oksana online shop guarantee that you find the best linen bedding specially for your bedroom style. Order linen bedding and choose comfort, quality and eco-friendly textile for your body and home.