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Modern technology is wonderful-most of the time.

But there is something to be said for traditional, handcrafted quality products. Yes, you can go to your local big box store’s “linen department” and purchase your bedding, sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover. In a couple of years, you will visit once again and rebuy the same supplies. Why, because even through it is referred to as the “Linen Department”, most everything for sale is cotton, some blend of cotton or synthetic materials.

Modern technology and mass production is great but the finished product is not necessarily made to last very long.


Only true Linen made from flax is “linen”. Why does that matter?  Well linen made from flax is a truly sustainable, ecologically friendly textile.  It takes only 25% of the natural resources to produce flax linen versus cotton.  The synthetic equivalent is even more harmful to the environment.


Linen has been used for centuries for clothing, table cloths, sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers - even the ships that sailed the seven seas used linen. How? The sails were almost exclusively made of flax linen. The textile that actually gets stronger when wet, an important factor for use as a sail. For the home, linen will become softer when washed and dried over and over again. In fact, linen can become a family heirloom because of its long life and strength.

So, next time you go shopping for “linens” look for true linen made from flax.

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It's Oksana design Chicago

Oksana was born in the eastern Europe country of Ukraine.

She was always playing with scraps of fabric but her biggest obsession was the colored embroidery threads her mother and grandmother used to decorate pieces of linen.

Embroidered shirts and towels have long been the hallmark of Ukrainian culture, symbols of the immortality of the family, the connection with the Motherland, and in terms of art have gained worldwide fame.

The biggest disappointment she found is when you go into the “linen” department and find that most of the products are not truly linen but are made of cotton. Only flax linen is true linen. Nothing compares to linen for longevity, durability and ability to become stronger and softer with each washing.

For 20 years Oksana has been working with linen.That’s why she wanted to bring true linen products to the United States market. Working with true artisans adept at traditional embroidery, weaving techniques and designs handed down through generations.

The American market now has access to true linen and heirloom quality products.

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Who we are

It’s Oksana was established with the philosophy that what is good for people should also be good for the environment. By presenting the client with true sustainable, environmentally friendly textiles for the home the result is customer satisfaction with the knowledge that there is no appreciable harm to the planet. Presenting true linen to the public is not only environmentally responsible but the end product can become a family heirloom.

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