Anastasia Medianik

Anastasia is from Luhansk, Ukraine. In 2014, she had to leave her hometown when it became a combat zone.

"I would like my art to inspire people, to touch invisible stings in their souls. I like that I can share my thoughts with people through my artwork. I create posters, illustrations, photographics, collage-application, brushwork graphics, and more."

"In addition to graphics, in my artworks I use various decorative techniques: painting on glass (stained glass imitation), painting on fabric, decoupage, marbling, induced craquelure, and many more."

weaving machine Chicago

Halyna Hrom

Halyna has been weaving for almost 30 years. She spent her childhood weaving carpets with her grandmother in the town of Glynyany. Halyna began to seriously engage in weaving after high school graduation. Her workshop is equipped with three, 4 hand-made machines where she works on the reproduction of traditional ukrainian weaving and the creation of modern fabrics based on ethnic motifs. Her passion for the “endless possibilities of weaving” has never changed. Halyna teaches master weaving classes at Drohobych University.


She participated in the following projects projects: “Woven Map of Ukraine,” “Ways of Woven Bush,” and “Weaving Way”

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