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“It’s Oksana” textile design studio offers a wide selection of window coverings, bedding and soft goods.

With 20 years of experience, we are constantly looking for innovation in the industry that allow us to develop the best solution for your design, not only aesthetically, but also helping you with selecting the best window products based on functionality and your budget.

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Great things handcrafted near the Great Lake.

Great things handcrafted near the Great Lake.




Your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Modern, innovative or traditional. “It’s Oksana” will help you whether it will be draperies, blinds or custom shades.




Working with design professionals and architects, we can quote based upon your plans as well as an onsite visit.



Our innovations

It’s Oksana utilizes a number of innovations including printing on fabric, hand painted fabrics and laser cut textiles. By utilizing traditional methods of design and fabrication coupled with the modern use of laser cutting allows us to offer a complete array of options for window treatments and more.


The boss



Oksana was born in Ukraine, where she studied Art and Music. Her career began as a ceramic and porcelain designer. 

She was invited to bring her porcelain Christmas ornament collection to New York in 1997. Once in the United States, she began working with interior designers utilizing soft furnishings. This rekindled her old love for sewing and textiles. 

Arriving in Chicago, she built up a number of clients through word-of-mouth recommendations alone. Soon, she was sought out by a number of interior designers for her innovative style and techniques. 

After completing a course in Laser Cutting Techniques in London, she decided to bring this innovative technique to her work. Original designs as well as custom designs are now available and challenge the status quo of soft furnishings. 


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